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Trainer Mentor Coach

Finding a Commercial Investment Real Estate Trainer, Mentor and/ or Coach

Charlie Kennedy - Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Trainer  - teaches, instructs, educates

Mentors – proves, demonstrates, participates,

Coaches - account, guide, advice


Almost all commercial real estate firms and even existing top commercial producers fail miserably in the area of Training, Mentoring and ongoing Coaching their agents. Companies fail because they typically have a “company trainer” that is (or was) a “has been” at best, and has  been teaching th same old commercial real estate 101. They teach from an old text books with out of date “old school” material. They teach general commercial real estate knowledge, company policies, how to market, and maybe they specialize of emphasize a particular aspect and claim it to be the most important part???. They also teach you how to pitch the company (since that is what they are most interested in), especially the trainer/manager who is on a salary. They are more interested in keeping the house full and letting the strong survive, ask any new agent at a big firm if the guy that brought them in has walked them through deals of even has a monetary interest in your success, let alone dependant on it. I know this because I was a sales manager at a large commercial Real Estate firm and that is the name of the game in that world. Not many survive the first year so keep hiring more is their moto. 


In regards to being Trained by an existing top producer, good luck! Having been a Rookie of the year, a top producer, a sales manager and a national trainer for a large institutional commercial brokerage, I can tell you first hand what you can expect from a top producer, especially at a large firm. First of all, they do not need you to succeed. Nor do they want you to be better then them or know all their secrets since you will be their future competition. They are however, interested in impressing you and befriending you so that you become and remain dependant on them for future transactions even after you complete your “mentorship or Jr. Requirements”. Top producers expect the company to do the training. They are interested in being handed juniors. They thing it is what they deserve, after all they make the company lots of money and feeding them juniors is a way of retaining the senior. Most Senior commercial agents like cherry picking deals and helping you make them money. That is the training you get from a typical top producers.


As far as Mentoring, that is what the seniors you are pond off on are supposed to do, but to them you are found money. The company found, hired and supposedly trained you, and then they tell a senior in the company, “Hey, I got a junior for you”. The senior put on their “Mentor hat” (although that is not their gig) to get you to join “his team” and away you go off to join the majority of agents who don’t make it in the industry because of … (fill in the blank) poor training, neglectful mentor, market conditions, ran out of money, lack of support…etc.. There are always more excuses for failure than there are for success!


In regards to ongoing Coaching, that a specialty/industry in itself. Who is going to do that? The company trainer if they have one at all, is typically focused on new agent training and focused on the masses, or the former senior mentor who no longer has a monetary interest in your success?  All I can tell you is that the people most interested in having an ongoing success coach are the ones who are already at the top of their game yet they have a philosophy of CNI – Constant Never Ending Improvement! Ask any Olympic athlete if they desire, need or want a coach. There are 101 self proclaimed 3rd party Real Estate guru’s out there claiming to have the best system. They have all kinds of books, discs, seminars, tapes, and other things to buy. The challenge is that their material is usually very basic and general because it is meant for the masses. You will find almost all CRE training material is about what to know. Loads you up with knowledge. Would you rather ask a wealthy successful commercial Real Estate agent, what he knows or what he does. I can say with 100% honesty, I don’t give a rats patuna what, who or how you know. Ill I care is who you are and what you do., and that is my job to show ya. I have been dependant on those I train, mentor and coach for 14 years. Knowledge and experience do not mean 2 beans (let alone a hill of em),  what I look for is character, attitude and desire. A record breaking plumber is a record breaking, whatever he is next. An Average x is going to be an average Y the way I look at it.   

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